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AKA: Perfect Soldiers (Japanese Release Name)

Year: 1993

Developer: Irem

Publisher: Irem

Platforms: Arcade Exclusive

Known Conversions Edit

Arabianmoon Cattydox Starsaber

Unconverted Edit

Busido Meltdown Reptilian Satinsect


Skull Reaper

Misc Edits Edit

Stages Edit

Arabian Moon's Stage by Reginukem

Busido's Stage by Reginukem

Cattydox's Stage by Reginukem

Meltdown's Stage by Reginukem

Reptilian's Stage by Reginukem

Starsaber's Stage by Reginukem

Satinsect's Stage by Reginukem

Skull Reaper's Stage by Reginukem

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