AKA: Van Battle (working title), バトルモンスターズ

Year: 1995

Developer: Scarab

Publisher: Naxat Soft

Platforms: Sega Saturn (exclusive)

Known Conversions Edit

AlbioleiconDeathmaskHarnKafka Kiba KujaMakaryudoiconShionStrawbelly

Unconverted Edit


This also includes The Big 4, the final bosses of the game.

Misc Edits Edit


Stages Edit

Dark Temple (Deathmask's stage) by MiDSinister

Forest of Sue (Chili and Pepper's stage) by MiDSinister

On The Palm (Strawbelly Jam's stage) by MiDSinister

Shrine (La Fa's stage) by MiDSinister

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