Green ga-264


AKA: None

Author: Not Converted

Site: None

Status: Not Converted

Comments: N/A

Added to database by : Blue Monkey

Story: Lone survivor of a race of giants with awesome strength that lived deep in the forests of the continent. This half-human, half-plant race was attacked by Death Adder's army and all but one were killed. Green has predicted the return of Death Adder and has been preparing for it for many years.

When Green heard of the Golden Axe tale, he knew that the chance to meet Death Adder face-to-face was near. Green has not forgotten the lovely Maria, who helped him escape Death Adder's clutches. Sadly, Maria disappeared after freeing Green, though he has heard that she is still alive. This half-human giant hopes to defeat Death Adder in the coming battles and through victory have his name spread far. Perhaps Maria can them find him once again.

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